Learn about the IQIS strategy, vision, mission and values, which drive us toward becoming the world’s greatest quality assurance and strategic service organization.


The essence of IQIS is to provide service excellence to empower our customer’s business.

IQIS feels that exceptional services are not merely a delivery or task. IQIS’s main focus is on how we can meet our client’s requirements, the end result of our quality assurance & strategic services and on how it helps them accomplish their business objectives.

We provide a distinct set of services, as a part of an integrated offering, delivered by our people. This gives us a unique edge allowing us to offer integrated services, both locally and internationally. This is ‘THE IQIS WORLD STRATEGY’.

Through our strategy‘  THE IQIS WORLD’, we are accomplishing number of distinct strategic choices on our journey to become the World’s greatest organization.

With a deep sense of determination, IQIS help our customers reach their goals – as part of their offering and as an extension of their organization. This is The IQIS World way of providing essential value: more ease, higher effectiveness and better experiences to people and businesses, everyday.